Creative, Artistic, Social Media, etc  $20 individual/hour


  • $20/hour individual
  • $5/person/hour small group (5 people minimum)


  • Domain Hosting
    • $3/mo 12 month minimum
  • Site Development
  • Domain Registration
    • cost + $10/30 minutes set up fee

Social Media Management

  • Social Media Page/Account set up Hootsuite, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google+
  • How to use Social Media
  • Weekly management (weekly content upload= 1/day)
  • Full Social Media Campaign
  • Contact us for Rates

Content Creation

  • Biography
  • Artist Statement
  • Press Releases
  • Postcard Design
  • etc.

(Outsourced to local writers & designers – rates may vary)

House Party at Art House

  • Front Room Gallery, art table, kitchen & utensils use for light refreshments, etc Get a Quote

Mailing List

  • Set up of Mailing List and/or newsletter through MailChimp
    • Artist creates the content   OR
    • Content creation is outsourced
    • Rates may vary