The Dream


Dreams~2~Create Art House is the dream* project of LizBeth Ogiela-Scheck. The online site as well as her studio & gallery are based in Bloomington, Illinois.

The Art House

is a bit off the beaten path when one may think of art. Located in the Miller Park Neighborhood, The ‘art house’ provides an alternative space for the making and showing of creative works. At the same time it can also serve as gathering space for people.

 The Studio

is a working fine art studio of LizBeth where she creates paintings, and other unusual ‘things’ that involve color. The studio is also the office of creative services for creatives.

 The Gallery

is located on the first floor. The front room of this 1905 house serves as the main gallery. Other spaces serve as meeting rooms and additional presentations of fine art. (currently closed to public)

*Yes, the name is intentional 😉





Fine Art

Presentation & Sale of created works


Unlocking creative potential for creators & makers of all kinds


Building community through support, education, collaborations, & bring art to the community one block at a time.

The Creation

Creative Services for Creatives


Don’t know what direction you need to go in next? Which Social Media Outlet works best for your type of work? So much work so little time? Need help, but don’t know what kind? We can talk it out and problem solve together. As an artist on the same journey, I understand your questions and needs. Let me help you sort it out.

Creative Consultation

Solutions to getting your work out there so you can make more stuff. Primary focus: Fine Arts

Creative Mentoring, Internet/website Resources & education, alternative venue

How can we help you?

Get your story out


Creative Mentorship, Artistic, Social Media & Website Instruction, etc


Domain Hosting & Registration
Site Development  & Management

Social Media Management

Content Creation


ask for an estimate

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Mon – Fri

Sat – Sun

by appointment only


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“Photography & Painting is my way of living.”


Vandana Bajikar


“Art is my raison d’être”


Ralston Scott Jones

“Art IS life,

not an option.”

LizBeth Ogiela-Scheck